REFLECT | Dealing with Situations That Are Out of Our Control


I receive a daily email from my fellow spirit junkie  Gabrielle Bernstein, and today’ just rang true on so many levels. Situations arise daily which we either have control over or don’t. So instead of getting frustrated with a challenging situation Gabby offers simple steps to handle these “out of control experiences” and make them more manageable.

Here are 5 simple steps to calming your screaming inner child and finding peace-

1) We have to believe and trust there is a solution, of the highest good and it may or not be aligned with what we think may be right.

We might want one outcome, but we realize can’t do anything about it because, the situation because it is out of our control.

2) Identify how we control situations in our life. Traffic signals, test results, relationships in our lives… these are things we typically do not have control over and are powerless.

3) Accept that we, “we are powerless, and our efforts will not make the situation better.”We need to accept we are powerless, and accept that by doing so we are actually taking control of the situation. We must commit to this step whole heartily and trust the outcome.

4) By controlling the situation we hinder the energy that is naturally flowing and we need to allow it to flow as it is intended to. We need trust the order of how things happen . We can’t rush this process and your interference could make things worse.  Instead tell yourself and affirm that you are “recognizing and realizing the situation. This in turn will shift your mind to think you are doing something.

5) “I pray of the highest good,” think, pray or mediate on believing that the situation will work out for the highest good. The highest good just means that this will be the best outcome for the situation. Also on a spiritual note, whoever you choose to pray to is your business if you believe in God, the Universe etc. it is your decision. As a christian, I will refer to God the ultimate creator.

Thank you Gabrielle for these simple reminders.

I personally struggle with situations out of my control and I found learning your personality type also helps you further understand yourself better. This month’s Oprah Magazine pegged me quite accurately as, The charmer.


I find I need to be careful pleasing others as I often burn myself out or can feel sensitive to their reactions.  The relationships around me that are exhausting and draining, I have now chosen to release. The negative energy surrounding those relationships are just too draining to maintain. So I am trusting God, and reflecting on the life lessons they have served.  them are just to draining to maintain.

– OX Avery

Originally posted January 14, 2015;  Edited and Re-Posted May 4, 2016

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