SHOP LOCAL | Maker’s Market

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Photo credit: @moonrise_creative

Markets have become one of my most favorite weekend past times and  this weekend was no exception. I grabbed my mom and checked out the Moonrise Creative‘s Makers Market. It was so incredible to finally meet some of the best makers, creatives, bakers, farmers and entrepreneurs in Victoria.

I bumped into lot’s of dear friends and I absolutely fell in love with this beautiful necklace made by local artist Korinne Vadar . Perfect with jeans, a tee and flip flops in the summer or even with a cute dress on a date night. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Another favorite of mine is Kate & Campbell ; they make the perfect cards for any occasion! And why not buy your Mother’s Day Card from this talented mother and daughter duo. Done!

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I highly recommend checking out the local markets in your area, you never know what will catch your eye and there are many one of a kind treasures. It is also so refreshing in this .com/buy online era to meet the people behind their products and brand and create a connection. I am 100% committed to buy locally when I can and support those in my community, I encourage you to do the same.









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