HOME| Boho Vibe Adding Texture


When I moved into my home almost a year ago, my husband and I had to merge our very different furniture and decor.

I used to live in Vancouver in a condo over looking the the ocean and mountains; everything was white with chrome and glass. My style was airy, modern and clean.

My husband on the other hand lived in a condo but his style was built around his lovely chocolate brown Natuzzi couch he got about 7 years ago. This piece of furniture he absolutely loves and it was a non-negotiable when moving. He even had to hire 3 guys to move it because, well it is just so incredibly heavy. So work with me here. My biggest challenge has been incorporating both of our furniture and create a style.


Also about 6 months after moving in to our house my husband and I completely re-did our living room fireplace. We wanted to add a more modern flair to our space. I will blog about that reno soon, I promise as I learned lots of great tips. But it really updated the space overall.

Recently I picked up these throw cushions from Winners of all places but I absolutely loved how neutral they are with a splash of texture; macrame, sequins and fringe. Along side my Loopy Mango throw and I think things are starting to look more fun, summer like and really help to lighten up the space and tie everything together. Just a simple reminder that you have to connect witIMG_5194h your space and add your own personal touches.  This is your home.  I also love to mix in unique and eclectic  pieces; My mom actually painted my two main paintings in my kitchen and living room, which I absolutely adore! So go ahead and get creative. Share your photos below, I can’t wait to see them.





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