RECIPE| Morning Muffins


There are some family recipes we have that might not be the healthiest but are soul food. When I met my husband this was his family recipe that he treasures. When there are bad days making a batch of these muffins quickly puts a smile on his face.

Recently I have been making for breakfast and brunch dates but I have pushed the recipe further by trying out different types of jam in it. So far one of my favorites is Salt Spring Kitchen Co.’s, Meyer Lemon & Lavender Marmalade or Mrs Jones Jams, Rhubarb and Vanilla.


Now there is one more hint I need to disclose as well before you try making these. My husband only pointed it out to me recently. I thought the muffins were sooo good but apparently there is potential to make them extra mind blowing. When you mix together the dry ingredients, you fold in all of the wet ingredients. The last ingredient you fold in is the jam. Now when you add the jam do it in little spurts or little teaspoons throughout. This means that after they bake they will have “jam pockets”.  Delicious! This step takes practice marbled muffins with jam mixed through is still delicious but you will have something to aspire to.



Morning Muffins 

Dry Ingredients: 

2 cups Flour

1/4- 1/2 cups Sugar ( if you use palm sugar it tends to have a nice crunch)

1 tsp Salt

3 tsp Baking Powder

Wet Ingredients: 

1/4 cup Oil

1 Cup Milk

2 Large Eggs

+ However much Jam you’d like (usually I use 1/2- 3/4 and cut down on my added sugar 🙂 )

Mix all the dry ingredients first and fold in the wet. See my note above for folding in the jam.

Bake @ 250-300 degrees until they are golden and brown, approx. 10 minutes. Let rest for 3-5 minutes then take out from pan.

Helpful Tip: If you use a 1/3 cup to even out the mixture in the muffin tins, you will have 6 medium sized muffins.

Good luck and enjoy! Happy May Long Weekend




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