SHOP LOCAL| Diner en Blanc

The weather was looking pretty lousy yesterday  and everyone was praying that the famous “West Coast” rain would hold off for the 4th annual Diner en Blanc hosted by Aidan Henry of Brink  Events, a local Victoria event planning group.

This event was on my bucket list and I was finally able to cross it off, as my best friend invited me. Diner en Blanc originated in Paris nearly 30 years ago and can host up to 10,000 people. You have to be invited by someone in the “Diner en Blanc circle” so it is quite a prestigious event. The key to this event is the location is kept totally secret until you are at your meeting place. Then together as a group,  a sea of white descends across the city, to the venue and assembles to eat together and celebrate! Which is absolutely magical.


13498033_1338231066204950_374094782129496969_o (1).jpgBeautiful photos by Y.A.M. Magazine 

This year secret location was the lawn and patio in front of the Delta Hotel, which was beautiful with the picturesque inner harbor. The dark sky actually made photos look even more breathtaking as the contrast naturally made the white pop. Extra special shout out to Dan from London Chef and his crew for creating my beautiful meal; it was incredible to say the least!



We were even blessed with a magical sunset after dinner to accompany our dance party and  before the sprinkler send off.




It was truly an inspiring and magical evening with lot’s of new friends made. I highly recommend attending this event; either in your city or of course in Paris.







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