FAMILY| T’is the Season for the cough, cold and fever bug. A stepmoms guide to survival.


My husband and I share joint custody of his son with his ex wife and this week when he went to pick our son up we received him on the verge of getting sick. Thankfully he is 11 and can tell us what is wrong what hurts etc. however sometimes he becomes a bit of a hypochondriac.  I think his hypochondriac nature comes from switching house which can’t be easy and having to re-adjust to a different set of parents etc. Anyways that part will just take some time.

So sure enough I go to put him to bed and he has a fever of 38.9, pull out the Tylenol and off to bed he goes. Two hours later the dreaded cough starts. So naturally I pull out Nin Jiom and he finally settles again. I don’t hear anything til morning.

Coughs are usually the worst in the morning and at night so it was only natural he woke up coughing up a storm again. Oh ya and the dreaded fever was back. Tylenol again but when I head to the kids meds I have on had I am conflicted because I also have kids cough and cold. The thing is there has been a lot of Tylenol poisonings with parents mixing Tylenol and other cough cold products that might also have fever relief.


So I called the pharmacist who offered me some great advice. She told me the #1 thing to monitor is the fever which is natural considering my kid is clearly fighting a virus. The #2 thing is the cough, but using the cough cold meds you need to be careful because of the antihistamine which can actually make kids more anxious and hyper. She said that it isn’t typically a bad thing for them to cough because it is the bodies way of releases the virus and breaking up the phlegm etc. when you suppress the cough you can actually get a more serious infection as a result.She advised steam showers obviously not too hot with the fever and highly recommended using Nin Jiom as it has natural “expellants” and in her opinion is safer and works better for kids.

**Keep in mind I am NOT a doctor, only a step mom looking at doing whats right for the sick kid and to get him better asap so I can resume my life as well. 

Also its helpful to keep a list of  what medicine you administered and at what time. That way all caregivers are on the same page. And if worst case happens and your at the hospital you can give to the admitting team.



So after receiving all this advice and being “2 days in” and hopefully almost better, I have created a win list for all you mom’s out there that really helped me tackle this plus keep me not sick.


  • Nin Jiom –> Herbal cough syrup highly recommend always having on hand. London Drugs surprisingly has it the cheapest at $6.99
  • Elderberry Syrup –> builds the immune system and helps reduce the duration of the flu and cold. I love this brand SURO has it has no sugar added; it is a honey base, no water added and a Canadian product. We both took doses.
  • Vitamin C –> You can sneak it in drink by using the Emergn C packages to help get fluids in your child or they can suck on the chew-able ones. Any brand will do. We both took doses.
  • Kids Liquid Advil Dye Free –> This product is great for 8 hour fever relief. I also like to alternate with Kids Liquid  Dye Free Tylenol. This was suggested to me by my family doctor. You can also use both together to bring down a high and dangerous fever, but ask pharmacist or your doctor for proper dosing. 

FLUID FLUID FLUID. Smoothies where my sneaky go to.


Green Hulk SMOOTHIE:

Spinach, blueberries, banana, kiwi mixed with coconut water as a base to keep up electrolytes.

I also added the harmonized protein powder (highly recommend this product too. No taste and you can even drink straight with water and it is delicious. Also easy to digest and break down) as well as the progressive phytoberry which is a highly concentrated berry based whole food supplement that is loaded with natural antioxidants. Featuring over 40 high ORAC value fruit concentrates, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids and herbal extracts.


BIGGEST WIN: in my healthy hippy heart 


My diffuser and essential oils from Escents. Another Canadian Company I just love and admire.

Diffusers help to distribute the essential oils in the air. So for someone with a cough, cold or even asthma (like myself) I find it really effective and helpful. Also by breathing in the essential oils it is one of the fastest ways to enjoy the benefits. Personally I use my diffuser every night and I have noticed a huge difference in my asthma but I have noticed just how many fewer colds I get. My husband also enjoys the smell as we drift off.

The main oils I used were tea tree with lavender and then we switched between the Breathe Easy and Immune Boost both by Escents.  I noticed when the diffuser was on, he definitely coughed less and was more relaxed. Making for a happier Mom!

I moved my diffuser from our family room, downstairs to his room for the night and he barely coughed at all. After trying essential oils and seeing the results first hand, I am hooked. My son even asked me to put it on this morning. He likes to watch the color change on the “dot model” (which would be a great nightlight in a babies room.) So I think it is safe to say I will be ordering him one as well to use in his room. I only wish I did it sooner.

They say smell has a lot to do with how we feel and triggered memories, also cheap or non-pure products can actually make you cough more, so I recommend doing your research.


Also another Instagram mom suggested to me a all natural herbal “vic’s type rub” 

You can mix whichever essential oils you want with coconut oil or another fractional oil.

So I mixed about 1/4 cup coconut oil ( which I had on hand) with tree tea oil (2 drops) and (2 drops) eucalyptus and (2 drops lavender). He said it felt a bit greasy but he could breath better and felt cozy.


Anyways I hope these tips help you over the cold and flu season. Please though do your research, speak to your doctor or pharmacist. I am no expert in this just a regular mom with a sick kid trying to offer help on things I have found successful.











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