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Emile Henry France
Emile Henry France


I truly believe the key to any kitchen is practical bakeware. Bakeware that can go for from the freezer to the oven and to the table effortlessly. I personally love the simplicity of all white bakewear and dishes so I can add color with flowers, napkins etc. when I host dinner parties with friends and family.


Emile Henry in my opinion makes a superior product and I have never had problems with chipping, scratching etc. and I find the sealed porcelain very easy to clean. Discovered in 1848 in France this family owned and operated company has developed and evolved various pieces of stoneware in a variety of colors.

Simply wash by hand or you can put in your dishwasher to clean. These pieces are durable and perfect for the 20th century on the go family.

For the product and price, Emile Henry is an easy choice in my opinion.

Is there any bakeware you just love? Please share below…




*Opinions and thoughts are my own. I am not endorsed by Emile Henry nor have I been asked to do this review. This review just comes from my heart.


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